Wim Sucaet

Wim Sucaet

Wim is a team and network coach in the field of youth care and welfare. Besides that he gives therapy, coaching, workshops and training in the solution focus approach.
He started his SF adventure in 2009 and has followed several training in SF including the Milwaukee model, London Brief Therapy and the Bruges Model where he obtained his qualification as a master solution-focused practitioner. He is a reviewed contributor and member of the SFIO.
When he receives questions or assignments from organizations in education, welfare and healthcare, he starts jumping up and down and yelling yippie ya yeah!

09:55 - 10:40
Room of Small Steps (SR 2)

The elegant art of noticing

“An unrecognized difference (since it goes by unnoticed) will not receive the amplification needed and will remain a difference that does not make a difference. A simple difference, often just some doubt, can be enough to begin changing a lifelong pattern or way of thinking.” (de Shazer, 1986).

A key skill for a host leader is noticing: noticing within ourself, noticing of others, noticing of relationships ... and the noticing itself can be enough to change several maps.

“The map is not the territory, and the name is not the thing named.” (Gregory Bateson, based on Alfred Korzybski)

In my view the most important asset of being a host leader is noticing bits and pieces of the great stuff that people do and being genuinely curious about it. In this session you will learn to train your ‘noticing muscle’ to become even more skillful and resourceful in it. We’ll have dialogues, share stories, and explore a world of possibilities ... just by noticing.

Format: Workshop
Level: Introductory/Intermediate/Advanced
No maximum number of attendees

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