Victoria Spashchenko

Victoria Spashchenko

I am a self-appointed Project Manager of “SF Ukraine”, facilitator, coach, Solution-Focused practitioner, and Cross-Cultural consultant, speaker, and author of the Practical Guides “How to Solve Problems Without Discussing Them. Solution-Focused Approach for Managers and for Others, too” and “WOwW-school. Working on what works. Solution-Focused Approach for Teachers, Parents and for Others, too” (in Ukrainian), a co-author of the book “Using video games in the classroom. Challenges and Solutions: All you need to know to start using video games in your classroom” with Dr. Elena V. Shliakhovchuk and the author of “#war_thoughts” publication.

My background includes 20+ years of extensive management experience in international/local businesses, and the public sector.
I hold an Executive MBA from IBR, Institute of International Business Relations (Steinbeis University, Germany)

The focus of my expertise is in the field of solution-focused changes and effective management & communication of multicultural teams.
Board Member of SIETAR Europa (http://www.sietareu.org/)
Member of SolWorld community (http://www.solworld.org/)

09:00 - 09:45
SOLworld Hall

Key Note – SFA in War. By Insider.

In this presentation, I will be sharing my personal and professional experience of the SFA application during the war. I consider what worked and what was difficult; try to summarize the resilient strategies of Ukrainians; highlight (once again)) the power of a single question, and speculate if there are naturally SF people and countries).

Format: Talk – Key Note
Level: Introductory/Intermediate/Advanced
No maximum number of attendees