Monica Martin

Monica Martin

"Supporting the creation of spaces where everyone brings their own magic.”

Inclusion is the primary value that guides Monica's work. Her background in Special Education informs much of her practice. She is a certified trainer for Restorative Practices and has seen first-hand the value of this approach for staff and students. Leadership development has been a part of her career from the beginning. She loves to offer training to aspiring leaders and support new leaders as they explore the diverse challenges of this complex work. Monica has 4 children and lots of energy to spend now that they are grown. She loves to cook and bake and is happiest when her house is full of people.

14:15 - 15:45
Room of Small Steps (SR 2)

Shaping the future in the very moment

The organisations we work with are increasingly interested in evolving their co-responsibility and adaptability, moving towards a more 'eco-centric' approach to leadership rather than an 'ego-centric' one.

When designing leadership development journeys (with SF practices interwoven into their core) one of the key questions we address is: How can we invite leaders and their teams to approach their work with more curiosity, presence, and productive sustainability rather than feel valued for their more heroic tendencies or knowing better, acting fast, and saving the day?

In this short workshop, we are thrilled to share how SF can contribute to leaders embracing the power of 'noticing' change rather than 'driving' change. We will explore how to lead from a place of inner strength and presence to shape futures in the very moment.

Format: Workshop
Level: Introductory and Intermediate/Advanced
No maximum number of attendees

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